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There are so many places left to discover, so many things to see in our beautiful world. To keep us inspired and follow our goals, we finally put together our bucket list that we have been working on for years. It was going to be very long, but we managed to cut it down to 100 experiences! Offcourse we will never limit ourselves to just this list, but this way we have goals to cross off (and we kind of cheated by making a second one). We want to share our list with you, and hope to inspire you as well to travel the world and create your own Ultimate Travel Bucket List!

We are torn between nostalgia for the familiar and an urge for the foreign and strange. As often as not, we are homesick most for the places we have never known.
– Carson McCullers –




1 Witness the Sunset over Stonehenge
2 Dance between the tulipfields in the Netherlands
3 Stand on top of the Eifel Tower
4 Walk on the Red Square in Moscow
5 See the Aurora Borealis
6 Dip in a hot pool in Iceland
6 Trek the Scottish Highlands
7 See Andalusia in Spain
8 Gaze at the Colosseum in Rome
9 Check out the Sistine Chapel at Vatican City
10 Take a citytrip to Prague
11 Stare at Gaudí’s architecture in Barcelona
12 Visit the Acropolis in Athens
13 Swim in Pamukkale’s thermal pools
14 Visit Istanbul’s Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque
15 Walk through the Lost City in Ephesus
16 Get lost in Petra
17 Walk The Great Wall of China
18 Marvel at the Terracotta Army in China
19 Drive a jeep through the Sanddunes of Mongolia
20 Stroll past the cherry blossoms in Japan
21 Hike Japan’s Mount Fiji
22 Take a tour in North Korea
23 Take in the view at Hong Kong Harbour
24 Climb Mount Everest
25 Go paragliding in the Himalayas
26 Hike Nepal’s Tea House Circuit in the Annapurna mountains
27 Visit the Dalai Lama in Tibet’s Lhasa palace
28 Take a selfie at the Taj Mahal
30 Pet an elephant in Sri Lanka
31 See the sunrise over Bagan, Myanmar from a hot air balloon
32 Cycle through the ruins of Angkor in Cambodia
33 Take the slowboat on the Mekong river from Laos to Thailand
35 Watch the sun rise over the Borobodur temple in Indonesia
36 Hike an active volcano
39 See a Komodo Dragon at Komodo National Park
40 Photograph the Oerang Oetangs in Borneo
41 Hike the Headhunters Trail in Sarawak, Borneo
58 Explore the Puerto Princessa Underground River in the Phillipines
42 Explore Papua New Guinea
43 Sail through Halong Bay
45 Live in Australia for a year
48 Drive around whole Australia with a van
49 Visit Australias red center
50 Celebrate New Years Eve in Sydney
51 Follow Frodo’s footsteps in New Zealand
52 Island-hop the South Pacific Islands
53 Do nothing on Bora Bora, French Polynesia
54 Visit Aitutaki Lagoon, Cook Islands
55 Swim with Humpback Whales in Tonga
56 Explore mysterious Easter Island, Chile
57 Swim with whalesharks
58 Snorkel in the Jellyfish Lake in Palau, Micronesia
59 Visit Pearl Harbor on Ohau, Hawaï
60 Take the Stairway to Heaven on Ohau, Hawaï
61 See a grizzly bear in Canada
62 See the amazing Niagara Falls
63 Visit Disney World in Orlando, Florida
64 Drive U.S. Route 1 from Miami to Key West
65 Go gambling in Las Vegas
66 Fly over the Grand Canyon
67 Roadtrip USA’s West Coast
68 Visit the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis Tennesee
69 Run the Rocky steps in Philadelphia
70 Celebrate Christmas in New York
71 Visit ancient Chitzèn Itza in Mexico
72 Go volcano boarding in Nicaragua
73 Explore the ancient ruins of Tikal in Guatemala
75 Drink a mojito in Cuba
75 Taste the local food in El Salvador
76 Zipline in Costa Rica’s rainforest
77 Watch the sea stars in Bocas Del Toro, Panama
78 Check out the flamingos at the beach in Aruba
79 Sip a cocktail on the Bahamas
81 Chill with the tortoise at the Galapagos Islands
82 Visit mysterious Easter Island, Chile
82 Hike Torres del Pain Np, Chile
82 Walk on water at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
82 Stroll through colorful Cartagena, Colombia
83 Visit Ushuaïa in Patagonia, Argentina
84 Go salsa dancing in Buenos Aires, Argentina
86 Hike the Machu Pichhu trail
87 Visit Lake Titicaca in Bolivia
88 Stand near the Iguazu Falls at the Argentina/Brazil border
89 Watch a soccergame in South America
90 Stand on top of The Redeeming Christ in Rio De Janeiro
91 Ride a camel through the Sahara Desert
92 See the Great Pyramid of Gizah, Egypt
93 Discover the Black Pyramides of Meroe in South Sudan
94 Descend to the Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia
95 See an Aldabra giant tortoise at The Seychelles
95 Beach camping on the beaches of Mauritius
96 Survive a Great White Shark cagedive
97 Hike towards Table Mountain in South Africa
98 Gaze at the Victoria Falls in Zambia
99 See the big five at Serengeti National Park in Tanzania
100 Set foot on Antarctica




1 Scuba Dive the Ghost Fleet at Chuck Lagoon, Micronesia
2 Scuba Dive the Nuclear Ghost Fleet at Bikini Atoll
74 Blue Corner, Palau
3 Scuba Dive The Maldives
3 Dive with Manta Rays in Bali
3 USAT Liberty wreck, Bali, Indonesia
4 Scuba Dive the Gili Islands
46 Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
74 The Yongala wreck, Australia
47 Scuba Dive Ningaloo Reef, West Australia
47 Pelagic Magic dive at Kona Coast in Hawaï, USA
47 President Coolidge wreck, Vanuatu
47 Somosomo Strait, Fiji
47 Raja Ampat, Indonesia
47 Sulawesi, Indonesia
47 Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras
74 Scuba Dive the Big Blue Hole in Belize
74 Galapagos, Ecuador
74 Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia
74 The Perhentian Islands, Malaysia
74 HMS Thistlegorm wreck, Egypt




1 Become a certified diver
2 Divemaster course
3 Learn a new language
4 Taking a First Aid course
5 Learning to play chess
6 Running a marathon
7 Skydiving
8 Horseback riding
9 Salsa dancing
10 Get an extra degree


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