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Hi! Welcome to our virtual home! Let’s introduce ourselves! We are Mike & Nathalie, and in May 2015 we left our 9-5 routine in Belgium in search for different things and to see the world up close.


Our first backpacking experience was a 3-month trip through South East Asia in 2010 where we got bitten hard with the travelbug. We visited Thailand, Cambodia and Laos and as soon as we were back home, we wanted to leave again. We did some more vacations over the next years to Malaysia, Thailand, Costa Rica and Italy, but it was our 1-month holiday to Australia that got to us again.


When we visited The Land Down Under in October 2014, we knew this was a place we wanted to see more of. As soon as we got home, we learned we had one more year to apply for a Working Holiday Visa before we were too old (according to the Australian Government that is, not in our heads!) so we made the decision to just go for it and live a life of travel. 7 months later we were on a plane to New Delhi, we travelled the West side of India, spent two amazing weeks diving in the Maldives, visited friends in Singapore three times, drove all around Australia in our beloved campervan Arnie, camped on the beaches of Hawaii, checked Borobodur off our bucketlist and now we are living a very simple life in Bali for a while. More travelplans are being made as we speak and we plan on keeping you up to date! Nathalie will write more posts while Mike will keep the site looking good.


We try to combine journal-like posts about our experiences and our days wherever we are, but we will also try our best to provide you -our dear reader- with accurate and useful information. We will write honest and truthful reviews, even if we didn’t like a place. We find many blogs to solely fixate on the positive vibes of a place, but we also want to inform you about the negative experiences and the things you should look out for, like our post about the Besakih Scam in Bali, or simply what we did not like about India.

Where we’ve been


Interested in working with us? Or you want some more information about one of our trips? We are here to give you any information you need. Feel free to contact us by sending an email here or through social media.