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16 Things We Love About Singapore

16 Things We Love About Singapore

Singapore never seems to bore us. We keep arriving here every year for a visa run, or a day trip, or just a stop over. But we have never really spend a longer time in this urban country. But still, we have a good amount of reasons why we like it so much, and why we can keep coming back.


1 – They speak English. Very simple, and maybe a lame reason, but it makes communication a lot easier in a city where they speak so many Asian dialects as well!


2 – The architecture: Singapore is very modern with beautiful old and new buildings all around. And it is this art deco/kolonial/futuristic mix we love!



3 – There are plenty of parks and green spots around. No wonder they call it The Garden City.


4 – Little India, for all the bright colours and delicious vegetarian-proof, budget food!


5 – Gardens By The Bay: A must-do when you’re in Singapore. Every night there is a light show, where the big solar trees slowly light up and create a colourful light spectacle! We still have to catch it, due to the fact that we always seem to have evening fligths out of the country.


6 – The diversity, Lion City really is a mix of so many different cultures and religions.


7 – Unlike most of Asia, you can drink the tapwater here! Hooray!


8 – Efficient and easy transportation systems. The MRT, public bus routes, taxi’s. The roads are well pave and easy to navigate.


9 – It’s clean. Very clean.



10 – The signs saying: “No Durians” ! Because durian fruit has a very.. unique smell -ahum- it is forbidden in some spots to eat them, like on the subway or in a mall. My friend Noora doesn’t even want them in her house!


11 – Chinatown. Such a vibrant neighbourhood that looks like it’s in festival mode all year round! Plus, it’s one of the cheapest places to eat ánd there is a Tin Tin shop! We crazy Belgians love our héritage.


12 – The Helix Bridge, wow what a cool piece of art! You can catch some great views of Marina Bay Sands and the city skyline here!


13 – Boat Quay – the sight from the header picture on this page. The contrast between the old small charming houses and the ginormous skyscrapers behind them couldn’t be bigger. And again, there is so much food here!


14 – Marina Bay, the perfect place for an evening stroll. Gaze at the iconic Merlion, take a spin on the ferris wheel and enjoy the view.


15 – The shops at Bugis Street and Bali Lane.


16 – For us, Singapore always feels a bit like coming home because of the friends we’ve made there over the years. It stops us a bit from exploring the city more and more – you bunch of talkers, you know who you are – but now there’s always still something to explore and learn whenever we come back!


Psst boys, if you are in Singapore and fancy a new haircut or a shave, all men should head to Bali Lane, where you can find the HQ of Hounds of the Baskervilles, the best (and first of many more) barbershop in Singapore. Or in case you’d like a new tattoo as well, check out Bada Bink Tattoo Studio a little further down the lane, maybe you like their style.


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